As one of the foremost in what we do throughout the local area, we here at Pump It Ltd value delivering the same quality service wherever we do business. This helps us to provide solutions to concrete pumping in Chester, Liverpool and North Wales amongst others.

For many years, we have been endeavouring to provide a high level of customer rapport and finished product, no matter how big or small the customer is. Whether it’s a personal project for a homeowner or a large-scale development for a national business, we deliver the same kind of professionalism for all our projects.

If you have not previously dealt with concrete for your construction needs in the past, you could perhaps find difficulty in using it correctly. It is a complex and robust mixture that if not spread evenly and implemented to the most accurate of degrees, can result in a blemished appearance. This is a worst case scenario if you’re building a property; aesthetics is key in today’s market so it’s important that your concrete is pumped and filled in the right way.

One simple way to help you achieve this is to invest in our concrete pumping services. The aforementioned experience we possess means we can put you at ease with any burning queries or worries that you have when we arrive at your site.

To pump concrete you primarily need high-grade equipment that can help you get the job done. Here at Pump It we have some of the best and most valued pumping trucks that are suitable for a whole range of different applications and the supporting tools to make the pumping process an easy one.

As for our rates, they are priced to market standard and start from as little as £250 for a 2 hour hire of our services. To find out more about what we can provide you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.