liquid screed
Many businesses across the Northern regions have benefitted from our excellent liquid screed services as it’s one of the most versatile and reliable materials currently being used in construction. But what’s the big appeal and why is it something you too should be checking out?

Thanks to a fascinating composition which consists primarily of water-based solutions, liquid screed is a highly adaptive material that is easier to pump. When you compare this to standard concrete, you might notice that concrete takes far longer to lay as it takes a while to move from pump to surface. This is because it is made of coarse materials which create an almost stodgy effect.

Of course, the lengthiness of application doesn’t matter if the finished product is excellent but liquid screed is able to match its ease of use with its quality. It offers a much refined looking finish than that of a concrete surface which can sometimes be a little ragged if not laid properly. Liquid screed reflects light superbly and can bring even the drabbest of rooms to life, making it the perfect choice for those after modern décor.

Another advantage to choosing liquid screed is that it is suitable to walk on, long before similar materials have even begun to harden. After application, you should be completely fine to walk on its surface after only 48 hours. Doing so on a concrete surface would result in imperfections but not so when it comes to this screed innovation.

In addition to this, it’s an inspired choice if you’re looking for under-floor heating as it is ecologically sound – there will be no ramifications from excessive heat on its composition. Other areas which most commonly benefit from liquid screed include gardens,  slipways and places where reliability is key.

Pump It Ltd are proud to be able to offer plenty of liquid screed solutions for those who want to get the most out of their property by servicing North Wales, Cheshire and beyond. If you would like to find out how we can help you, please call on 01352 781524 or email for more information.