Do you have a need to use liquid screed in North Wales building projects for either commercial or personal interests but need to find the experts to lend you a helping hand? Then Pump It could be just right for you.

For years now, we have been excelling at providing high quality concrete pumping services and remain one of the top companies in the north for it. Whatever the size or scale of your operation, we are here to assist.

As one of the regional forerunners, Pump It have been able to expand and deliver liquid screed solutions for you and your operations and it has proven wildly popular for those who want the utmost in composition quality and longevity.

At its essence, liquid screed is a step above standard screeds that can prove to be difficult to pump which then in turn makes it difficult to transfer from point A to point B – not exactly ideal if you’re undertaking a project on a limited timescale. Thanks to its properties, liquid screed is effortlessly transferrable from receptacle through the pump and into the required environment. 

This is not to say that it’s a more lightweight material when compared to less malleable screeds. In fact the benefits in the long run for choosing liquid screed are quite plentiful. In comparison to traditional sand techniques, only one looks a bit outdated. Liquid screed dries in far less time which frees up much more time that will be spent just waiting around during traditional cement works.

In fact, once the screed has been applied, it can be walked on in as little as 48 hours with little to no danger of it cracking or “scarring”. For those who aren’t industrially versed, you may recognise scarring on public footpaths where someone’s left their footprint on wet cement and it’s now “scarred” into it.

Liquid screed really comes into its prime when utilised in underfloor heating. The properties of the screed make it perfect for dealing with elevated heat amongst other factors.

For more information on how liquid screed could be perfect for you, please download our liquid screed PDF, email us or phone us on 01352 781524.