Concrete pumping North Wales has had a positive impact on the construction industry in the area and in all places it is utilised.

What is concrete pumping and how does it improve efficiency in construction projects?
Concrete pumping is a technique of transporting liquid concrete quickly to the places it needs to be using the latest technology in the industry, specifically ‘boom pumps’ and ‘line pumps’.

Almost all structures in the modern world require a certain amount of concrete in their construction. Concrete is used for practically all modern construction and civil engineering work, therefore any method that makes the concrete laying process faster is a huge benefit to the industry.

Pump It Concrete uses two different techniques for pumping concrete and the choice of these methods depends on the size of the construction work. For smaller concrete laying endeavours such as sidewalks and swimming pools a line pump is the preferred method. It utilises flexible or steel hoses attached to the outlet of the pump and linked together to where the concrete is needed. 

The reason concrete pumping North Wales is important to our local construction industry is that speed of concrete pouring affects how quickly the work can progress and how efficiently deadlines are met. Concrete pumping means less manual labour is required and since it is fast less water is needed in the concrete mixtures which means less cracking and subsequently a better quality of concrete. The pouring process is very accurate meaning less chance of human error and the overall finished job is much more professional looking.

Concrete pumping has many advantages for the construction industry and should be utilised fully.