It Is The Responsibility Of The Hirer/Site Manager To Ensure That All Site Workers Are Aware That No One Should Position Themselves In Front Of The Delivery Hose While The Pump Is In Operation Due To High Pressures Used – HIGH RISK

Basic Operation of Concrete Pump: Concrete Driver to fill hopper, Pump Operator to operate pump & on site operatives to guide delivery hose – LOW RISK OF SPLASHBACK 

Type of Injury and Cause Who is at Risk Risk Severity of Injury How to Prevent
Concrete splashing into eyes from the end hose Concrete Gang H Low Goggles must be worn
Concrete burns to hands and feet Concrete Gang L Medium to Severe Gloves, safety Wellingtons and barrier cream must be worn

Falls or injury to hands, arms, ankles, legs etc. from falling on mesh

Concrete Gang/Pump Operator M Medium to Severe Plywood sheets must be provided on mesh in the laying area
Back injury due to moving ground pipes Concrete Gang/Pump Operator M Medium to Severe Use of ropes and good manual handling practices to  be adopted
High pressure concrete and aggregate going
into eyes, face or any exposed skin due to
standing or working in front of end hose, or opening up pipe joints when pumping
Concrete Gang Persons working
around concreting area/ General Public
M/H Severe – can result in loss of sight Concrete Gang should wear a safety helmet, safety footwear, impervious
glove/gauntlets, high impact goggles and
high visibility clothing.

Until concrete is flowing smoothly out of
the end of the delivery hose, or when a
blockage occurs in the pipeline, all personnel
should remain clear of the delivery hose.

Under no circumstances should any unauthorised
personnel attempt to
open the pipeline.

All unnecessary personnel including the general public should be kept well away from the concreting area including lower floors and staircases
Broken limbs, severe injury caused by whiplash of placing hoses Concrete Gang L Severe or Death Do not kink placing hoses in the ground line. Do not attempt to pump very old concreteor concrete other than a pump mix. The danger zone is the area around the end hose in which it can strike out. The diameter of the zone is twice the length of the end hose.

Injury from splash due to blow back from concrete pump hopper Truck Mixer Drivers L Eye Injuries possible Keep hopper full and inform mixer driver of risk

Crushing when mixer lorry is backing onto the pump hopper Person backing truck mixer into pump hopper L Severe or Death High visibility clothing must be worn and do not back truck on out of view of mixer driver who will be reversing using mirrors. Keep site personnel out of reversing area